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Dedicated To Client Advocacy Every Day

Our firm was built on the belief that everyone deserves fair and skilled advocacy, regardless of what crimes they’ve committed. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering every client a well-structured defense, transparent communication and a thorough explanation of the legal system as it affects them. Located in Rochester, we offer free consultations to potential clients so you can get a sense of who we are and how we operate. Our founding attorney, Adam J. Willman, has defended hundreds of clients in New York successfully and has the resources to represent your case.

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Former Prosecutor Turned Protector

At the Law Office of Adam J. Willman, we understand that a criminal charge affects your family and community; not just yourself. Because the stakes are so high, we’ll sit down and have an honest conversation with you about your situation and your future. As a former state prosecutor, Adam J. Willman understands what it takes to get a conviction and how a strong criminal defense is built. He’s passionate about using his knowledge of the court system to protect his clients’ futures and will do everything in his power to advocate for you.

Whether you were charged with drug possession, a DWI, assault or another crime, the Law Office of Adam J. Willman is a professional and strategic firm that is focused on a successful outcome for you.

Speak With A Trustworthy Advocate

Don’t risk your future, your family and your finances with an attorney you barely know. The Law Office of Adam J. Willman has a reputation you can trust and the skills to handle your case confidently. We will work one-on-one with you from day one, so you understand where your case is at and how the legal system works.

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